Weemarkable - Child Care App

Weemarkable - Child Care App

Keeping in Touch With Your Child is Just a Tap Away.

Today's families are busier than ever.

Between child drop offs, work, pick ups, meal prep, and activities, you don't always have time to speak with your child's educators and learn about your child's day.

We're making it easier for our YMCA Early Years Child Care families to connect to the small moments and big milestones of their child's day, through our new YMCA app - Weemarkable.

Weemarkable is the window into your little one's day - from wherever you are.

It keeps your mind at ease and helps you share in the fun your child has throughout the day, with messages and photos, access to important child care notices, educator observations, milestones, menu information, and direct to educator messaging.

All at just a tap.

And most importantly, even when you can't be with them, it's Weemarkable how connected you'll be.

It's the app you love to hear from...

  • Follow all your children registered in YMCA Early Years Child Care on one feed
  • Direct messaging to and from your child's educators
  • Review your child's weekly menu
  • Daily educator observations about their play, nap and meals
  • Important notifications, such as centre closures due to weather, sent directly to your mobile device
  • View photos of your child engaged in learning
  • Add additional followers, such as grandparents, to your child's profile and customize the content they can view
Even when you can't be with them it's Weemarkable how connected you'll be.
Download the Weemarkable app today and keep in touch with your child at the tap of a button.
  1. Download Weemarkable for free from the App Store or Google Play Store.
  2. Enter your email address - you will receive an email with a personalized access code that will connect you with your child.
  3. Enter the access code into the app.
  4. Set up your personal PIN.
  5. Start connecting with your child's Weemarkable moments.
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