Child, Youth & Family Supports

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Photo one is of youth participating in team-building activities outdoors. Photo two is of a family standing on their front porch.

Our youth and family support programs allow youth the opportunity to gain valuable leadership skills, families to grow stronger together, and allow you to build resiliency within yourself and your children. Programs and services are available in the Red Deer, Edmonton, Grande Prairie and Wood Buffalo regions.


  • A photo of a small boy kissing his mother on the cheek.

    Child & Family Development

    At YMCA of Northern Alberta, we believe that strong kids and healthy families build thriving communities. That's why we offer a variety of programs in the Edmonton, Grande Prairie and Wood Buffalo regions to help families grow strong and grow together.

  • An unrecognisable couple sitting on a couch together, comforting each other while they receive support from an unrecognisable support worker.

    Community Recovery Programs

    The YMCA's Community Recovery Programs are available in the Wood Buffalo region and are supported by the Red Cross Initiatives Grant program contributing to relief, recovery, and resilience-building in impacted communities by the 2016 Wildfire and 2020 Flood.

  • Mother and son in a kitchen, baking together.

    Food & Nutrition Programs

    Food and nutrition are key to helping individuals attain optimal health throughout life. Our food and nutrition programs in the Edmonton and Red Deer regions help you learn how to make sustainable food choices and learn healthy preparation and eating habits.

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    North Central Edmonton Family Resource Network

    The Family Resource Network (FRN) is a “HUB” location for parents and caregivers to receive extra support and learn new skills related to all things parenting. Through the HUB, we have formal partnerships with several programs so we can provide the best quality support to families.

  • A group of youth sitting on a couch together, laughing.

    Youth Support & Leadership Programs

    Through a variety of youth support programs and leadership opportunities, teens and young adults can develop life skills, education enrichment, health and wellness, recreation and international awareness. Youth support and leadership programs are available in most regions.