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Fitness goals? We can help!

Reach your fitness goals this year in an Edmonton YMCA Health and Wellness Centre! The YMCA is committed to providing the fitness resources you need to realize your goals. Personal trainers are a valuable resource that will help keep you on track with your fitness goals. When supported by a fitness professional you will be more likely to maintain successful habits.

Top 5 reasons why YMCA Members choose our personal training services:

  1. Improve overall fitness
  2. Reach or maintain a healthy weight
  3. Motivation to help you stick to your fitness plan
  4. Focus on your unique health concerns
  5. Find the right way to work out for you and your goals


Training Packages*

1 Session $70/Member $85/Non-member
6-Session Value Package $345/Member $445/Non-member
12-Session Value Package $655/Member $860/Non-member
1 Session $45/Member $55/Non-member
6-Session Value Package $255/Member $315/Non-member
12-Session Value Package $480/Member $600/Non-member
1 Session $35/Member $42/Non-member
6-Session Value Package $189/Member $315/Non-member
12-Session Value Package $360/Member $600/Non-member

*Prices are per person, per package and do not include tax. Expires 1 year from purchase


InBody Body Composition Assessment

Available at the Don Wheaton Family YMCA, the assessment is administered by a YMCA certified fitness staff, the InBody test provides vital statistics about your overall health and well-being. Vital Statistics report includes; Basal Metabolic Rate, Lean Muscle Mass, Visceral Fat Level, Segmental Fat & Lean Muscle Analysis, etc.

$35/Member $60/Non-member


Questions? Ask a personal trainer!

If you'd like more information on our personal training services, have a YMCA personal trainer contact you.

Have a YMCA personal trainer contact me


Get started with your personal trainer at any of our four locations in Edmonton:

Locations - EDM HFAs

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