Housing & Employment Services

Housing and Employment Services - Copy

Photo one of a key in the front door of a home. Photo two of a family in traditional clothing, taking a selfie in their living room.


As a charity dedicated to improving the health and well-being of central and northern Albertans, we know the importance and impact income security has on individuals, families and communities. That is why we're committed to helping individuals at risk of experiencing homelessness, unemployed Albertans, and new Canadians have an opportunity to learn, grow and thrive.

Housing and Employment Services - Program Categories

  • Housing Support

    The YMCA believes housing is a basic human right and we work to ensure those that need housing, can receive support. The YMCA offers Housing First and housing services in the Red Deer, Edmonton and Wood Buffalo regions.

  • Employment Services

    Unemployed and underemployed individuals can learn, grow and thrive in our employment programs, as we work to address some of the barriers to entering the labour market. These programs are available in the Red Deer, Grande Prairie and Wood Buffalo regions.

  • Immigrant Services

    Our immigrant services provide new Canadians with employment and settlement services in an inclusive and welcoming environment, where everyone is welcome and belongs. These programs are offered in the Wood Buffalo region.