Immigrant Services

YMCA Services - Immigrant Services

Immigrant Services


YMCA of Northern Alberta provides newcomers to Canada with employment and settlement services in an inclusive and welcoming environment, where everyone is welcome and belongs. Our services help newcomers feel at home in their new community while also supporting and understanding the issues and barriers they face. All related services are proudly offered by the YMCA in the Wood Buffalo region. 

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Immigrant Services

  • Career Mentorship Program

    This program offers internationally trained immigrants and refugees the opportunity to connect with mentors who will help them develop networking strategies, improve their understanding of Canadian work culture, and better prepare for work in the Wood Buffalo region.

  • Community Social Services Program (CSSP) & Foreign Worker Program (FWP)

    The Community Social Services Program (CSSP) and Foreign Worker Program (FWP) at the YMCA support newcomers through the process of accessing work or study permits and visas and provides support and guidance on the pathway to permanent residency.

  • Employment Link (Elink)

    YMCA Employment Link supports thousands of individuals each year with the completion of educational assessments, guidance on career pathways and access to employment services.

  • Immigrant Settlement Services (ISS)

    Immigrant Settlement Services (ISS) offers support to those new to Canada and the Wood Buffalo community through a variety of services including, but not limited to, supportive counseling, translation and interpretation, employment insurance benefits, child tax benefits and so much more. 

  • Local Immigration Partnership (LIP)

    Local Immigration Partnership (LIP) is a collaboration of newcomer agencies to improve, and build a more welcoming & inclusive community.

  • Support Workers In Schools (SWIS)

    Support Workers In Schools (SWIS) provides support to newcomer students and their families to provide resources and services that help facilitate a smooth transition into the Canadian education system.