YMCA Family Connect: Home Visitation

Home Visitation

Father with his young daughter wrapped in his arms, dancing in a dimly lit gymnasium.

YMCA Home Visitation offers parents one on one parenting strategies and skills for parents to strengthen family functioning and provides support to parents-to-be and families with children under 6 years of age. Once eligible for the program, services can be provided until a child reaches six years of age. Services can be provided a few times per week depending on the needs of the family. 

This program is available in the Wood Buffalo region (Fort McMurray, Gregoire Estates, Sapree Creek, Anzac, Janvier, Conklin and Fort McKay) and the North Central Edmonton area through the North Central Edmonton Family Resource Network.


Program Services

Home Visitation workers model positive parenting practices and helping parents learn to interact with their children in developmentally appropriate ways. They also provide parents with information about child development, nutrition, safety, injury prevention, appropriate discipline, and good communication skills so parents can assist their children to reach their full potential. Home Visitation Workers can help families build their own support networks, become more self-reliant and help families access a network of formal and informal services and support available in their own communities.

  • Improving parenting knowledge and skills
    This program provides parents/caregivers with information about child development, nutrition, safety, injury prevention, appropriate discipline, good communication skills, problem-solving, and other skills to help their children reach their full potential.
  • Encouraging healthy child development
    The program helps give children a healthy start in life by supporting families to create a safe, stimulating home environment. Family Connect workers support families with in-home developmental screenings such as Ages & Stages. Family Connect workers then support families with follow-up activities and resources.
  • Teaching the importance of bonding
    A child who has a secure relationship with a parent/caregiver learns to regulate emotions under stress and in difficult situations.
  • Providing resources
    Family Connect workers link families to their community by providing supportive referrals to other agencies, based on each family's needs and goals.



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