After School Learning Adventures

After School Learning Adventures

Program Partners

YMCA of Northern Alberta, United Way Alberta Northwest, Community Foundation of Northwestern Alberta, Pembina, Weyerhaeuser.

Every student learns differently. Each one has his or her strengths and limitations but given the right kind of start, they can all have a strong finish.
The YMCA’s After School Learning Adventures program was designed to help students between 7 and 11 years of age engage, focus and succeed. Specially designed activities, games and experiential learning give students the boost they need to master literacy, numeracy, physical literacy and completing homework assignments – all in an environment that’s fun, safe and comfortable.

The YMCA is proud of programs like After School Learning Adventures. They clear the obstacles that prohibit children from realizing their full potential. One of these obstacles has always been cost. That obstacle is cleared by something else we are very proud of – the generosity of donors throughout Northern Alberta. That generosity is consistently repaid through happier, healthier lives, and the creation of young leaders who will help build even stronger communities.

For more information on this program, and others offered by the YMCA in Grande Prairie, please call 780–886–6323.