Alternative Suspension

Alternative Suspension

Youth on computers, with a YMCA staff member behind them

Edmonton Program Partners

YMCA Alternative Suspension, TELUS Friendly Future Foundation, Butler Family Foundation, United Way Alberta Capital Region.

Grande Prairie Program Partners



  • Self-awareness of problematic behaviour.
  • Develop self-esteem and respect.
  • Expand the network of social support.
  • Decrease participant's associations with problematic peers.
  • Decrease aggressive, impulsive, disruptive and antisocial behaviour.
  • Encourage academic aspirations and motivations.
  • Increase school achievement and graduation rate.

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Keeping schools and students safe

We have made some changes to our program to ensure the health and safety of all of our staff and participants, their families and the schools we work with.

Before Arriving to the Program
  • Program staff will reach out to parents and guardians to review the COVID- 19 protocols that have been sent home from the school.
  • Both staff and participants must complete the YMCA health check each morning before arriving at the YMCA. Participants must show staff at the door their completed Health check.
Arriving at the Program
  • Staff will clean all surfaces in the program room before participants arrive.
  • A sign will be posted on the front door of the Grande Prairie YMCA with a phone number for participants to call when they arrive. Staff will then greet participant at the door, ask to view the health check and/or go through a health check upon arrival.
  • Staff will lead the participant to the program, where they will sanitize their hands and sign into the program.
Participants in the Program
  • Participants will be assigned a desk and supplies, these will be theirs for their duration in the program.
  • Participants are asked to bring appropriate lunches; they will not have access to a microwave.
  • Participants will be asked to partake in the cleaning of their dedicated surfaces, as well as any other surface they may have touched. Cleaning supplies and PPE will be provided.

Locations - Alternative Suspension


Alternative Suspension is offered in the Edmonton and Grande Prairie regions, at these locations: