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Working closely with Central Alberta Skatepark Association (CASA) to create opportunities that enhance the experience of users and community members at Glendale Skatepark adjacent to Northside Community Centre in Red Deer, and are excited to introduce our new Skatepark Mentorship program!

While the season has come to a quick end, we're thankful for our YMCA Skatepark Mentors, skatepark fanatics and Glendale Skatepark visitors, and our partners like Central Alberta Skateboard Association and Industry Skate & Snow. We're sad to pack things up for this year, we're looking forward to bringing this program back in 2022. Stay tuned for details on that program and our other programming at Northside Community Centre by signing up for the odd email.

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Program goals
  • Provide positive role models for skatepark users
  • Create a welcoming and inclusive environment at Glendale Skatepark
  • Increase confidence and assist users to develop their skills
  • Create a space open to community involvement and collaboration
  • Create a safe space for youth to be physically active


Meet our mentors

YMCA Skatepark Mentors (YMCA staff) help strengthening the community through youth development, healthy living and social responsibility by providing a safe space for youth to enjoy the skatepark. Skatepark Mentors promote the Y values with the youth and families accessing the skatepark and work to create strong relationship development with youth. They are skateboard enthusiasts too and facilitate skill development for skatepark users and encourage youth to actively participate in community events and activities.

  • Photo of Aaron on a jump at a skatepark

    Hi! My name is Aaron, and I’m one of the new YMCA Skatepark Mentors at Northside Community Centre! I’ve been skating for 7 years and am very excited to be spending more time at Glendale Skatepark.

    One of the things I am most excited about is to be able to help make the skatepark as welcoming and safe as possible for everyone of all ages and abilities by the end of this summer!

Mitchell C.
  • Photo of Mitchell C on a jump, with a school in the background

  • Hey! I'm Mitchell C, and I've been skateboarding for over 20 years (since the tender age of 12 to be exact). To paraphrase George Bernard Shaw, “you don’t stop skateboarding because you grow old, you grow old because you stop skateboarding.”

    My goal for this summer is to leave the skatepark in a better place than how it is right now. Meaning it’s more welcoming, more accessible and more fun for the community.

Mitchell G.
  • Photo of Mitchell G on a skateboard, sliding down a staircase at a skatepark

  • My name is Mitchell G, and I have been skateboarding for 11 years! I started skateboarding when I was 10 years old, and since then I’ve entered into Olympic-recognized skateboard contests, taught skateboarding at different schools throughout Alberta and I now work for the YMCA as a skatepark mentor.

    I am most excited about being a positive role model for the participants at Glendale Skatepark, and I’m hoping by the end of the season to have more youth coming out and enjoy the community. I would like to thank the Y for the opportunity to grow the skatepark community and for allowing us to be a part of the future success at the skatepark!

  • Photo of Mitchell G on a skateboard, sliding down a staircase at a skatepark
  • My name is Noah, and I’ve been biking for around five years. I’m always pushing myself to learn more, and my dream is to eventually ride in competitions.

    I started biking when my brother convinced me to come to Glendale Skatepark, and ever since the first session, I fell in love with biking, and now I have the opportunity to make my home skatepark a better place and teach people who are new to biking all thanks to the YMCA. Biking is truly my passion, and I want to thank my brother Joey for getting me into biking.

  • Photo of Shae at the top of a skatepark

  • Hi, my name is Shae, and I am one of the skatepark mentors at Glendale Skatepark! I was only introduced to skateboarding a year ago, but I have quickly fallen in love with the sport. Growing up, I always wanted to learn to skateboard but was always discouraged because being a girl at a skatepark can be very intimidating.

    I am super excited for the opportunity to make the skatepark a welcoming, fun and safe place for anyone, regardless of age, gender or riding ability. And for the chance to be a great role model to the younger kids who love to spend their days at the skatepark just like me.

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Learn more about the Glendale Skatepark on the City of Red Deer's website or by contacting our team at 403-967-9622 or