YMCA Youth Detour

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Two youth looking at camera, smiling.

Program Partners

The Department of Justice Canada has funded the YMCA Youth Detour project.

YMCA Youth Detour supports youth aged 12–17 who are involved with the justice system and are transitioning from incarceration back into the community. The program provides one-to-one support, skill development workshops, peace-keeping circles and consistent support during reintegration into the community. Youth Detour also focuses on developing strong transition plans for youth to support their future goals.

YMCA of Northern Alberta works with multiple agencies in the Youth Justice System, including Duke of Edinburgh, Edmonton Police Service, the Edmonton Young Offender Centre, Edmonton Youth Attendance Centre, RCMP, and Youth Probation office. These organizations refer youth to YMCA Youth Detour then YMCA staff will address underlying issues impacting the youth and create a network of supports that help them find both short and long-term success.


Program Objectives 

  1. Ensure youth have skills needed to address the underlying causes of their involvement in the youth justice system

  2. Provide youth connections to community resources and supports

  3. Work to reduce the number of interactions youth have with the youth justice system


Referral Process

YMCA Youth Detour receives its referrals primarily via the youth justice system. YMCA Youth Detour and our partners are empowered to take the lead and a pivotal role in a youth’s long-term success and decrease their involvement with the youth justice system. 

To learn more, please contact the Program Supervisor at 825–333–6500.