YMCA Family Connect: Family Ties

Family Ties

Family Ties is a voluntary, early intervention program that provides support to families with children aged seven to 17 to strengthen family functioning for up to three years.


Edmonton Program Partner

Parents are supported to create a nurturing and safe family environment, build resiliency within themselves and their children, build new social connections, and learn about positive parenting and child development.

Parents set goals with a YMCA Family Worker, and over time the parent is supported to review, assess and update these goals. Parents can take parenting courses and to learn through peer-to-peer interactions with other parents. 

YMCA Family Workers may meet with families in their homes, in a community setting or at the YMCA. There is additional contact and support available by phone and email, as necessary.

How to access Family Ties:

  • Contact a Family Ties supervisor about the program
  • Complete an assessment questionnaire to help identify family strengths and areas in which families need support
  • Once intake is completed, families can use one-to-one support and/or participate in several other Family Ties program groups

Family ties is available in the Edmonton Capital Region and the Grande Prairie Region.

For more information, contact:
Edmonton Capital Region - Family Ties Supervisor at 780-426-9259

Grande Prairie Region - Family Ties Supervisor at 780-357-7444