YMCA Family Connect: Home Visitation - Wood Buffalo

Home Visitation - Wood Buffalo

YMCA Home Visitation empowers and strengthens family connections within the home.

The early years of a child’s life is a critical developmental period. Interventions during this time can create a foundation for future success. Effective Home Visitation starts early, prenatal or postpartum, to reach families when they are most receptive to information.

Home Visitation is for parents-to-be and families with children under three months old. However, families with children up to two years of age may be admitted as resources allow. Once eligible for the program, services can be provided until the child is six years of age.


  • Model positive parenting practices and help parents learn to interact with their children in developmentally supportive ways.
  • Provide parents with information about child development, nutrition, safety, injury prevention, appropriate discipline, good communication, problem solving and other skills.
  • Help parents create a safe, stimulating home environment.
  • Connect families with formal and informal services and supports within their community.
  • Help families cope with the challenges of raising children.

Home Visitation is available in Wood Buffalo. For more information contact:

Phone: 587-537-5019
Email: HVInfo@northernalberta.ymca.ca