Urban Life Skills

Urban Life Skills

YMCA Youth Transitions Program (YTP) provides support to youth aged 13 to 19. YMCA Youth Advisors meet with youth to help them overcome barriers and support them in reaching their fullest potential.

Urban Life Skills, is a YTP workshop designed to assist participants who are struggling to make changes while still attending school, work or a day program. This unique program consists of eight sessions and covers topics including, but not limited to: self-esteem, anger management, healthy relationships, communication, self-image and social media safety.

Like all YTP programs and workshops, Urban Life Skills uses a multi-media approach to facilitation, using varied and interactive methods to ensure every learner achieves a full grasp of the material.

In addition to receiving eight weeks of instruction, participants attending the Urban Life Skills workshop will have access to a full range of other services provided by YTP including:

One-To-One Support
Youth Advisors are available to provide free supportive counselling, community referrals, advocacy services, life-skills workshops and job-search assistance.  

Rec Nights
Rec Nights introduce youth to recreational activities they may not normally get to experience. This free program meets once per week during after-school hours and provides an entertaining and safe place where youth are able to participate in new activities and make friends.

Additional Workshops
YTP offers a wide variety of additional workshops that can help meet the needs of our participants. 

For more information or referrals contact:

Chelsea Moore, Youth And Outreach Program Supervisor
Email: chelsea.moore@northernalberta.ymca.ca
Phone: (780) 426-9725

YMCA Family Resource Centre
9835 103A Avenue
Edmonton, AB T5H 0J3
Phone: (780) 426-9622

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