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YMCA of Northern Alberta offers something for everyone, no matter your age or ability, so come join our community be active at a YMCA Health and Wellness Centre in Red Deer, Edmonton, or Wood Buffalo! Check this page regularly to find the programs that best suit your needs and help you thrive.

Booking Your Spot

Get ready for your next group fitness class by booking your spot! Just visit to log in to your online account and find a group fitness class. Classes can be booked up to three days in advance.

Group Fitness Schedules

Click on the region below to find our latest group fitness schedules for a YMCA Health and Wellness Centre near you.

Red Deer Region

Northside Community Centre YMCA

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Edmonton Region

Castle Downs Family YMCA
June 27–July 3 | July 4–August 28: coming soon

Don Wheaton Family YMCA
June 27–July 3 | July 4–August 28: coming soon

Jamie Platz Family YMCA
June 27–July 3 | July 4–August 28: coming soon

William Lutsky Family YMCA
June 27–July 3 | July 4–August 28: coming soon


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Wood Buffalo Region

Eagle Ridge Community Centre

NEW for Spring 2022, we're launching our Golf Conditioning and Functional Fitness for Older Adults programs!

  • Golf Conditioning: Get ready to improve your golf swing and avoid injury through a conditioning program that focuses on bodyweight exercises, core strengthening, balance and agility training.
  • Functional Fitness for Older Adults: This functional fitness class is focused on teaching older adults how exercise improves their ability to perform daily activities by working on balance, flexibility and stability.

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Class Descriptions

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Group Fitness Classes

You can also read about all our group fitness classes below! Please note, not all classes are available in YMCA Health and Wellness Centres. To book your spot in a class, just visit to log in to your online account and find a group fitness class. Classes can be booked up to three days in advance.


Aquafit — Deep | Aquafit — Shallow | Aquafit — Warm Water
Get your aquatic cardio workout where water resistance creates a challenging workout that’s easy on your joints. Flotation belts are available. Classes are offered in both deep and shallow water for differing levels of challenge. 

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Baby & Me

Baby & Me — Aquafit (sessional)
This interactive post-natal aquatic fitness class is designed specifically for those with babies 6-18 months.  Participants will get the opportunity to work on muscle conditioning and cardiovascular stamina in a fun, supportive aquatic environment with other families. It is a great opportunity to reintroduce low-impact exercise while enjoying quality time with baby.

Baby & Me — Fitness (sessional)
This interactive post-natal dryland fitness class is designed specifically for those with babies under 12 months of age. Participants will get the opportunity to work on progressively improving their strength, stamina, and energy levels along with other families.

The adults can exercise in a safe and fun environment under the guidance of an experienced group fitness instructor while their babies remain in the stroller or carrier until the very end of class for a stretch.

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Cardio Kickbox
Learn proper technique and gain confidence as you kick, punch, bob and weave with this full-body cardiovascular workout geared to challenge you.

Develop your coordination and stamina with this high-energy, choreographed step workout. It's so much fun you won't even realize you're exercising!

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Cardio & Strength

Bootcamp | Bootcamp — Interval
This is a higher-intensity group fitness class that helps build strength while getting your heart pumping. You will improve your balance, speed, agility, and coordination while using various types of equipment and your own bodyweight. Your instructor will utilize different drills that could include circuits or intervals as different ways to challenge you in each and every class.

Cardio & Strength
Find the perfect balance of cardio, strength, and core training in this multi-level class that uses a variety of equipment and has options for everyone.

Step & Strength
Get your cardio and strength in with this fast-moving combo class that combines high-energy step with resistance training.

Using the Synrgy360 system, work your way from station to station in this cardio and strength-based workout. You will be challenged with various equipment and bodyweight-based functional exercises in a circuit format. 

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Challenge your cardio fitness as you cycle your way to good health. This fast-paced workout guides you through drills such as hills, intervals, and sprints on the bike, all to motivating music.

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Cardio Dance
Shake up your workout with a high-energy, dance-infused fitness class. Zumba fuses Latin rhythms with easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program, mixing low and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party.

Cardio Dance — High Low
High Low is an uplifting and fun workout class with choreographed moves set to music. This callback to the original aerobics class is high on the cardio but low on the impact. Participants will follow high-energy dance-style routines that help achieve a steady-state cardio effect all while having fun moving! 

Cardio Dance — Learn to Dance
Work on your footwork and have fun doing it in this cardio-based dance class just for beginners that will introduce participants to multiple styles of dance in a fun and inclusive environment. 

Cardio Dance — Zumba
Zumba fuses Latin rhythms with easy-to-follow moves to create a one-of-a-kind fitness program, mixing low and high-intensity moves for an interval-style, calorie-burning dance fitness party.

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Gentle Fit

Build your strength, endurance, and overall fitness at a moderate pace in low-impact cardio, strength, flexibility, core, and balance training classes! Group fitness classes that are offered at a low-impact level will include "Gentle Fit" in the name.

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Mind & Body

Stretch & Mobility
Release tension and improve your mobility, strength, balance, and flexibility with this mind-body class that’s geared to all levels, no experience necessary.

Tai Chi
Improve your range of motion, balance, breathing, flexibility, and mind-body connection using the meditative martial art of tai chi.

Continue your pursuit of health, balance, and harmony by practicing the many postures and techniques of yoga. Yoga improves circulation, strength, and flexibility while increasing mindfulness and breath awareness.

Yoga Chi
Inspired by the healing arts of the East, Yoga Chi weaves elements of Ashtanga, Qi Gong, Shadow Yoga and Chinese Medicine with an invitation to dive into the deeper, more subtle details of the practice.

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Improve your core strength and flexibility using ballet-based fitness movements in this fun and dynamic class targeting your whole body. Movements are inspired by ballet, yoga and Pilates. Barre is low on impact and high on muscle recruitment.

This targeted strength class will condition your core by developing a strong foundation in your hips, abdominals, and lower back to prevent injuries, develop strength and improve posture and balance.

Strength — LIFT
Sculpt and tone your muscles in this total-body conditioning class using a variety of techniques to improve strength and endurance while working your entire body. Barbells are the most commonly used type of equipment in this fast-paced strength class. Previous experience in weightlifting is recommended. 

Strength — TRX
Build functional strength using the TRX Suspension Training system. This class provides a total body resistance training workout using your own body weight and the TRX to develop and improve overall strength, balance, flexibility, and core stability. 

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Speciality Fitness

Alberta Cancer Exercise (ACE) (sessional)
Alberta Cancer Exercise assists individuals currently receiving cancer treatment (or who have completed treatment within the last three years) to adopt an active lifestyle by designing an exercise program specific to each participant’s fitness level and individual goals.


Bridge to Wellness (sessional)
Bridge to Wellness is a YMCA program designed to support participants in getting started in a regular fitness program, developing social contacts and increasing their general knowledge of health.

Led by experienced staff, Bridge to Wellness is delivered in a group fitness class setting and combines a variety of low-impact exercises and activities to improve participants’ balance, endurance, mobility, strength and confidence.

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